Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Offering for Oshun

I was recently asked about what kind of offering would I give if I was low on money. Here is my response below.

I would recommend getting the pumpkin and skipping the candle if money is the issue. One of my old favorites was setting up an altar  with a piece of gold colored cloth. Get 1 brass bell. Get a gold or yellow bowl large enough to put the pumpkin (calabaza) in. Spread the cloth somewhere nice. Put it on a table in your home and place the bowl with the pumpkin on top. Pour 5 drops of honey onto the calabaza. Give it its own space. Make it sacred! You can get a nice vase with yellow flowers and put near it too if you like. There is a prayer you can use on the site or you can make up your own. Ring the bell as you pray. Let the calabaza stay there until it begins to disintegrate then throw it outside in the trash. You can do this when you feel the need.

Feel free to ask if you need more clarity.

Hope it helps!

PS. Here is someone else’s take on it. Yours does not need to be elaborate. It should however be sincere.