Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Prayer for Oshun

Prayer for Oshun 

Oshun, oyeyeni mo... Oshun who is full of understanding,
O wa yanrin wayanrin kowo si... Who digs sand and buries money there.
Obinrin gbona, okunrin nsa...
The woman who seizes the road and causes men to run away.
Oshun abura-olu... Oshun the river which the king cannot exhaust...
One who does things without being questioned.
Ogbadagbada loyan... One who has large robust breasts.
Oye ni mo, eni ide kii su...
One who has fresh palm leaves, who is never tired of wearing brass.
Gbadamufbadamu obinrin ko See gbamu...
The huge, powerful woman who cannot be attacked.
Ore yeye o... Most gracious mother.
Onikii, amo-awo maro...
Onikii, who knows the secret of cults but does not disclose them.
Yeye onikii, obalodo... The gracious mother, the queen of the river.
Otutu nitee... One who has a cool, fresh throne.
Iya ti ko leegun, ti ko leje... The mother who has neither bone nor blood. Legends abound about this female force, but she is to be respected on all levels. She is Olodumare's representative to remind of the love that should exist in the universe. Ashe-O

Oriki Oshun
"Mbe, Mbe ma Yeye" Exist, exist always mother...
"Mbe, Mbe L'Oro" Exist, exist always in our tradition.
Oshun awuraolu...The spirit of the river, turtle drummer
.Serge si elewe roju oniki...Open the path of attraction, mother of salutations.
Latojoku awede we mo...Cleansing spirit clean the inside and out.
Eni ide ki su omi a san rere...The maker of brass does not pollute the water.
Alose k'oju ewuji o san rere...
We are entitled to wear the crown that awakens all pleasure.
Alode k'oju emuji o san rere...
We are entitled to wear the crown that awakens all pleasure.
O male odale o san rere...The spirit of the earth that wanders freely.

Iba oshun sekese...Praise to the goddess of mystery
Latojoku awde we 'mo...Spirit that cleans me inside out.
Iba oshun olodi... Praise to the goddess of the river,
Latojoku awede we 'mo...Spirit that cleans me inside out.
Iba oshun ibu kole...Praise to the goddess of seduction,
Latojoku awede we 'mo...Spirit that cleans me inside out.
Yeye kari...Mother of the mirror,
Yeye 'jo...Mother of dance,
Yeye opo...Mother of abundance,
O san rere o...We sing your praise,

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